Criminal Law Attorney Charleston, SC

The following is a partial list of services available to attorneys and other professionals, to be billed hourly or as project-based contracts:

- Legal Research and Writing in a variety of fields, including criminal appeals, mass torts, and other civil and criminal court litigation.

- Preparation of Mitigation Packages and Sentencing Memoranda, including investigation, research and writing for criminal cases in State or Federal Court.

- Appointment as Guardian ad Litem for uncontested family court cases.

- Facilitation/Mediation of criminal, family or civil disputes. For more information, call 843-819-0557.


Rate options: Parties may select in advance between an hourly, half day or full day rate.

All rates are presumed to be split equally between the parties unless other arrangements are made in advance. Other fee arrangements can be negotiated as desired, with sliding scale options available upon request and presentation of documentation showing qualifications for reduced fees. Cancellation fees are usually assessed for cancellations without 24 hours' advance notice.