Family Law Mediation Services in Charleston, SC

Family Law Mediation Services

Reach an Agreement Outside of the Courtroom

Is your family going through big changes? If you need to file for divorce or work out a child custody agreement, you may want to consider mediation. Family law mediation is a less stressful, more dignified and generally less expensive way to reach an agreement than going to trial.

Jill works with clients represented by attorneys and those without an attorney. Her family law mediation services are available for any phase of family disputes, including the following:

  • Marital Separation Agreements (divisions of assets and debt, support payments, and parenting agreements if needed, either prior to or as part of a divorce proceeding)
  • Custody / Parenting Agreements (sometimes in association with a counselor)
  • Modifications of Prior Agreements (regarding either parenting/custody matters, or support of other financial matters open to reconsideration)

Would you rather reach an agreement without litigation? Get in touch with the Office of Jill E.M. HaLevi today to learn more about the family law mediation process.

3 reasons to choose mediation in divorce or other family court disputes:

3 reasons to choose mediation in divorce or other family court disputes:

Family law mediation has many advantages over other options for resolving family disputes. Here are three reasons people often choose family law mediation over going to trial:

  1. Preserving relationships: If you're going through a divorce or separation, mediation can help to establish the foundation of a healthy co-parenting relationship.
  2. Confidentiality: Because family law mediation is confidential, nobody will file anything negative regarding the dispute publicly with the court.
  3. Convenience: You'll schedule negotiation meetings at times that are convenient for everyone, instead of having to appear at a court-ordered time.
  4. Cost savings: Mediation is generally significantly less expensive than litigation.

Please note that mediation without retaining attorneys is not appropriate for all cases. If there is a history of domestic abuse or other power imbalances, or either party is not committed to honest and complete financial disclosure, parties are advised to retain litigation attorneys. If you're interested in considering family court mediation in Charleston, South Carolina, contact Jill at 843-819-0557.