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Settle Your Criminal Case with Criminal Court Mediation

What's Involved in Criminal Court Mediation?

There may be a better way to resolve your criminal case than proceeding to trial. You can turn to the Office of Jill E.M. HaLevi, Mediation and Legal Services LLC for criminal court mediation in Charleston, SC. Victim-offender mediation is a relatively new approach to resolving criminal cases. It's based on principles of restorative justice and the understanding that in many instances, criminal trials may be more traumatic than anticipated for everyone involved, and often neither party really wins in a criminal trial.

Criminal court mediation is a valid option for the accused, the victim and (if the case has already been filed) their respective attorneys. The process is confidential and scheduled based on the availability and convenience of all involved. In contrast to mediation of civil cases, in criminal court mediations some admission of responsibility by one party (the defendant) is expected before mediation begins. The goal is to benefit both parties involved and to allow the victim, defendant, and other individuals involved to contribute to the achievement of real justice expeditiously so that everyone can begin healing.

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Learn more about criminal court mediation

Are you considering criminal court mediation? Here are a few things you need to know:

  • It can be an alternative to the courtroom process or used as a supplement.
  • It can be court-ordered or established through an agreement of both parties.
  • The process can start before or after charges have been filed.

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