Family Law Mediation Services in Charleston, SC

Reviews & Endorsements

Do you want to look back 8 years post-divorce and still be satisfied with your final agreement? I highly recommend that you retain Jill HaLevi as your attorney.

Jill will calmly and proactively guide you through the separation and divorce process. If children are part of the case, I would also recommend creating a parenting plan (per Jill's advice) as it can provide a wonderful guide in co-parenting.

C. MG.

Jill Halevi is professional, empathetic and well qualified to assist in divorce management and execution. Though my particular case involved no children and required no mediation Jill assisted in all ways necessary to keep me organized and well prepared for each step in the process.

I highly recommend Jill's services, there were a couple of surprises along the way but she provided the good, the bad and the ugly options before I made any decision.

Marsha R.

I was so fortunate to have an attorney like Jill HaLevi. Her calm nature and professional attitude helped my case is so many ways. She was very understanding of my personal situation and stopped at nothing to find the best course of legal action for me throughout the process.

She was always available to communicate with me over the phone, via email or in person. In the complex world of family law and the mediation process, I highly recommend Jill to anyone looking for a shrewd and well experienced attorney who works very hard on behalf of her clients.

Vignesh M.

I had the distinct privilege of having Jill HaLevi represent my interests in the dissolution of my 40 year marriage.

She was at all times the consummate professional. She remained acutely aware of the sensitivities, emotions and potential volatility associated with the dissolution of such a long term marriage.Further, she managed the process in a way that minimized conflict and directed the process to a fair and equitable resolution . She provided guidance when appropriate, direction when necessary, all while clearly keeping my best interest at the forefront. I highly recommend her.

John H.

I want to make comment to the positive experience I had with Ms. HaLevi representing me in a Family Court matter. As with most Family Court litigation there are times when emotions are high and tempers flare. I found Ms. HaLevi to be a calming personality in the center of the storm as well as being an excellent legal representative and litigator. I found Ms. HaLevi to be a strong and persistent mediator who protected my rights. I also found Ms. HaLevi to be an honest and caring person who is well versed in the law. You will find her to be through and approach matters as if you were a member of her family. There is no one that is more understanding and willing to fight for you and your right of fair treatment in the eyes of the law. Whether you have a family court, mediation, or some other issue Ms. HaLevi is an excellent choice for legal counsel.

Jeff J.