Overview of Mediation and Collaborative/Cooperative Family Law Services

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Choose mediation services over litigation

When parties in dispute sit down and work through their differences in mediation or at a settlement conference, they control the outcome, not a judge or jury. Mediation services aren't just for family law issues, but also for criminal cases. Our office provides the following non-litigious opportunities for resolution of family and criminal court cases:

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We believe that experience and compassion make a difference. Reach out to the Office of Jill E.M. HaLevi today at 843-819-0557.

Many Options
for Resolution

We handle a variety of cases in Charleston, SC

Do you want to settle your terms of divorce or separation outside of the courtroom? Are you a victim or have you been charged with a crime in a case that may benefit from mediation? Jill utilizes direct, effective communication and has experience working with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds.

If you're looking for a better way to settle your divorce or child custody case, or if you are potentially involved - as a victim or defendant - in a criminal case, get in touch with us today regarding mediation services in Charleston, South Carolina.
In addition to family law and criminal law mediation, the Office of Jill E.M. HaLevi, Mediation and Legal Services LLC handles federal criminal court appeals.

Meet attorney Jill E.M. HaLevi

Jill received her law degree from the University of Michigan and has been a member of the South Carolina Bar since 1995. After serving for one year as a law clerk in Washington, DC, Jill gained extensive courtroom experience in both criminal and family court. Before entering private practice, Jill served as an attorney at the Charleston County Public Defender's Office for six years, the Federal Public Defender in Charleston for four years, and at a national law firm on a special international litigation project for one year. Jill is certified as a civil and family court mediator, and is trained in victim-offender mediation as well. Since 2008, Jill has been a solo practitioner focusing on family law, mediation, and criminal defense.

If you want to learn more about mediation services in Charleston, South Carolina, or appeal your federal court conviction in the U.S Fourth Circuit, call the Office of Jill E.M. HaLevi today.

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