Criminal Law Attorney Charleston, SC

Jill Eskin Major HaLevi received her law degree from the University of Michigan, and she has been a member of the South Carolina Bar since 1995. She has extensive courtroom experience from her 10 years of work as an attorney at the Charleston County Public Defender and then at the Federal Defenders of Charleston. As a public defender, Jill handled cases ranging from property and drug offenses to murder. She also attended multiple national training institutes to hone her courtroom skills. Jill was instrumental in the development of the Charleston County Drug and Mental Health Courts, and she represented half of all the clients in Drug Court for several years. While in private practice, Jill has also represented numerous clients in the Federal Court "Bridge" (drug court) program and in criminal cases/clemency petitions with the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In addition to her criminal court background, Jill spent two years working on legal issues relating to Israel, first at an organization dedicated to advocating and mediating on behalf of workers in employment disputes, and then as an attorney with a law firm representing victims of terrorist attacks. She has been trained and certified as a Guardian ad Litem, in Collaborative Law, and in civil, criminal and family court mediation. In 2008, Jill co-founded the Mediation and Meeting Center of Charleston, a non-profit that provides direct mediation services to those in need. She currently serves as President of the MMCC. Jill is also co-founder and Chair of the Charleston Cooperative Family Law Association, which is a non-profit dedicated to promoting the practice of cooperative law in family court matters. She is a presenter at local and state-wide seminars on cooperative law and mediation.

With this diverse background, Jill brings a unique perspective and array of skills to her practice. She has a wide network of professionals with whom she collaborates in complex cases. Jill's experience has prepared her to represent clients, to assist other attorneys in preparation of cases or in performing legal research, and to provide mediation services in a variety of cases. You can reach Jill at 843-819-0557.